Registrer service – Statkraft

Welcome to bike service at Statkraft!

Autumn is here, and it’s time to give your bike some care! Statkraft provides you with the service ❤️

We can change your tires to winter tires (which is available at November 3.) or give your bike a regular service (which is available at Oct. 27, Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and Nov. 10.) Deliver your bike at 1 U29 in the garage (on the way down from u1 to u2) at Lilleakerveien 6a – follow the signs! Please deliver your bikes before we arrive at 8 o’clock, so we can service as many as possible! You are welcome to bring your own winter tires or purchase them through us. If you choose the latter, please specify the tire size in the message field.

  • The bike must be unlocked for us to carry out service.
  • If you have a bicycle lock around the seat post, it must be removed.
  • You’ll find labels where you deliver your bike – write your name and phone number and attach the label with tape to the handlebars of the bicycle.

You’ll receive an SMS when your bike is ready. You can then pick it up at the same place you delivered it. Remember that this is an offer that applies to you who use the bike to and from work – only one bike per person!

It is first come, first served 🙂

Register on the form below – then we can meet prepared and give your bike a heavenly treatment ❤️

NB: We cannot handle larger cargo bikes and heavy longtails!

What do we do when we come to your workplace?

Our mechanics help you with normal bike service, cable stretching, punctures, tire changes, gear adjustments, changing brake pads, but we handle larger replacements or repairs at our workshop in Årvoll.

Standard bike service includes:

  • security check
  • adjustments of brakes
  • adjustments of gears
  • changing of brake pads
  • check and/or change of cables
  • check and lubrication of drivetrain
  • check and/or change of tube or tyre
  • filling with air and checking tire pressure
  • re-tightening of pedals, saddle, handlebars and stem

(Usual price: 890,-)


We carry standard parts such as cables, tyres, tubes and brake pads.

If your bike needs new parts, you have to pay for them yourself.

Prices of standard parts:

Brake pads (V-brake): 150,- pr set for standard type
Brake pads (disc brake): from 170,- pr set
Cable stretch: 100,- pr stretch
Tube: from kr 90,- pr tube (depending on type)
Winter tyre: from kr 900,- to 1050,- per tyre (depending on size)

You can pay with Vipps when you recieve an SMS from us that the bike is ready: Vipps to 104217.
All prices includes VAT